2016.Guitar instrumental Debut

The first Guitar Instrumental album from Bangladesh holding the concept story of liberation war of 1971.

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Bass : Rahi (Dreek), Drums : Zaxx The Raxx , Acoustic Guitars: Mahaan Fahim, Guest Bass : Asif Abdullah Taposh

2010.Onibarjo :De-illumination debut

The first symphonic Rock/Metal album in Bangladesh followed by a Concept story.

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Bangladesh ShurjoRajjo

Line up : Vocals: Rozario Rony, Guitars : Sazzad Arefeen , Keyboards: Shams Mansoor Ghani, Drums: Samiul Islam

Awards: Best Band by Critics: 7th CityCell Channel i Music awards 2011 , Best Sound Engineer (Sazzad Arefeen) by Popular choice.

2007.Shuvo’s Rockers Inc. (Produced by Sazzad Arefeen)

Sazzad Arefeen’s First album as a music producer, Shuvo’s album was a quit different solo and a rock album,music were written by Sazzad Arefeen and Also All Guitars played by him.

2003.Moharaj : Warfaze

Sazzad Arefeen on Guitars with the Legendary band Warfaze.


2014. Bijoyer Opekkhay : De-illumination single release

De-illumnation Single release for FIFA 2014.

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2014. Badol Diner Gan: Guitarism Uno (Compilation)

The first ever Guitar Instrumental Album Compilation from Various great guitar players from Bangladesh,Released Internationally.

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2012.Baishakh:De-illumination (4 disk Compilation album)

Another single in a historic album,first ever 4 disk compilation from Bangladesh.

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Hamaguri was written after the children at the streets and their sufferings,Released in proloy with many great bands.

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2008.Tomay Ghire:De-illumination(Compilation)

The song that Touched the hearts with the rainbows..

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2008.Ekhoni Shomoy:De-illumination (Compilation)

This single came out while we were experimenting a bit with Indian Classical in the compilation album Rage-1.

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2007.Choto Shopno and Jantrik Joddhya:De-illumination (Compilation album Produced by Sazzad Arefeen)

De-illumination’s first appearance thundering everyone.

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2003.Meghbalika : Isha Khan Durey

2 tracks of the album “Hariye gele” and “Pother Pashe” was written and also Guitars were played by Sazzad Arefeen

2002.Bhalobashar Rong and Bishasher Alo: Metal Maze(Compilaton)

Both tracks were written and composed by Sazzad Arefeen,Also Guitars were played by him.

2001.Proshno:Metal Maze(Compilation album Charpotro)

The first ever ground breaking underground album in Bangladesh by Isha Khan Duray,The Single “Proshno” was written and composed by Sazzad Arefeen,Also guitars Were played by him.