Operation AngryMachine(2016)


Operation AngryMachine(2016)

  • Release date: 2016-06-01
  • Label: MeLabel,Aajob Records,Gaan

2016.Guitar instrumental Debut

The first Guitar Instrumental album from Bangladesh holding the concept story of liberation war of 1971.

Bass : Rahi (Dreek), Drums : Zaxx The Raxx , Acoustic Guitars: Mahaan Fahim, Guest Bass : Asif Abdullah Taposh

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  1. Amar Drishtite Bangla

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    Track About:In 1952, Bengali students in East Pakistan rose up and protested against the Pakistani government for declaring Urdu as the national language. The majority of the Pakistani citizens (as of 1952), about 54% of the citizens, were Bengali. In the protest several students died for defending the Bengali language for themselves and for the future generations.At nine o'clock in the morning, students began gathering on the University of Dhaka premises in defiance of Section 144. The university vice-chancellor and other officials were present as armed police surrounded the campus. By a quarter past eleven, students gathered at the university gate and attempted to break the police line. Police fired tear gas shells towards the gate to warn the students. A section of students ran into the Dhaka Medical College while others rallied towards the university premises cordoned by the police. The vice-chancellor asked police to stop firing and ordered the students to leave the area. However, the police arrested several students for violating section 144 as they attempted to leave. Enraged by the arrests, the students met around the East Bengal Legislative Assembly and blocked the legislators' way, asking them to present their insistence at the assembly. When a group of students sought to storm into the building, police opened fire and killed a number of students, including Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat and Abdul Jabbar. As the news of the killings spread, disorder erupted across the city. Shops, offices and public transport were shut down and a general strike began.

  2. RoktoBaji

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    Track About:The 7th March Speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a speech given by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a Bengali nationalist leader, on 7 March 1971. It was given at the Ramna Race Course in Dhaka to a gathering of over two million people during a period of escalating tensions between East Pakistan and the powerful political and military establishment of West Pakistan. The speech inspired the Bengali people to prepare for a war of independence amid widespread reports of armed mobilization by West Pakistan.

    In the speech, Sheikh Mujib proclaimed: "Our struggle is for our freedom. Our struggle is for our independence." (Bengali: "এবারের সংগ্রাম আমাদের মুক্তির সংগ্রাম, এবারের সংগ্রাম স্বাধীনতার সংগ্রাম"). He announced a civil disobedience movement in the province, calling for "every house to turn into a fortress". The Bangladesh Liberation War began 18 days later, when the Pakistan Army launched Operation Searchlight against Bengali civilians, intelligentsia, students, politicians, and armed personnel.

  3. RoktoKorobi

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    Track About: Operation Searchlight was a planned military operation carried out by the Pakistan Army to curb the Bengali nationalist movement in the erstwhile East Pakistan in March 1971, which the Pakistani state justified on the basis of anti-Bihari violence by Bengalis in early March.[11] Ordered by the central government in West Pakistan, this was seen as the sequel to "Operation Blitz" which had been launched in November 1970. The original plan envisioned taking control of the major cities on March 26, and then eliminating all opposition, political or military, within one month. President Yahya Khan at a conference in February 1971 said "Kill three million of them (Bangladeshis) and the rest will eat out of our hands." Prolonged Bengali resistance was not anticipated by the Pakistani military leaders.[14] The main phase of Operation Searchlight ended with the fall of the last major town in Bengali hands in mid-May. The operation also precipitated the 1971 Bangladesh genocide and caused roughly 10 million refugees to flee to India as well as the death of up to 3,000,000 civilians. Bengali intelligentsia, academics and Hindus were targeted for the harshest treatment, with significant indiscriminate killing taking place. These systematic killings enraged the Bengalis, who declared independence from Pakistan, to establish the new state of Bangladesh

  4. Banglar Bani

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    Track About:On 27 March, Major Ziaur Rahman, the commander of the East Bengal Regiment in Chittagong, broadcast two declarations on behalf of Sheikh Mujib. In the first one, he declared himself as temporary Head of the Republic. A K Khan intervened and drafted a second declaration for Zia, which was read again over Independent Bangladesh Radio.It read the following:

    The Government of the Sovereign State of Bangladesh, on behalf of our great national leader, the supreme commander of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, do hereby proclaim the independence of Bangladesh. It is further proclaimed that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the sole leader of the elected representatives of the 75 million people of Bangladesh. I therefore appeal on behalf of our great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to the governments of the all the democratic countries of the world, especially the big world powers, and the neighboring countries, to take effective steps to stop immediately the awful genocide that has been carried out by the army of occupation from Pakistan. To dub us, the legally elected representatives of the majority of the people as repressionist is a cruel joke and contradiction in terms which should befool none. The guiding principle of the new state will be first, neutrality, second, peace, and third, friendship to all and enmity to none. May Allah help us. Joy Bangla.

  5. Brihospoti

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    Track About:The Razakar (Bengali: রাজাকার; Urdu: رضا کار‎, literally "volunteer") was a paramilitary force organized by the Pakistan Army in East Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Since the 1971 war, it has become a pejorative term in Bangladesh due to the many suspected atrocities which the Razakars committed and/or facilitated during the war. The Razakar force was composed of mostly pro-Pakistan Bengalis and Urdu-speaking migrants who lived in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) at the time.

  6. MachineGun

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    Track About:The Mukti Bahini (Bengali: মুক্তি বাহিনী- translates as Freedom Fighters, or Liberation Forces;[4] also known as the Bangladesh Forces) is a popular Bengali term which refers to the guerrilla resistance movement formed by the Bangladeshi military, paramilitary and civilians during the War of Liberation that transformed East Pakistan into Bangladesh in 1971.An earlier name Mukti Fauj was also used.After the huge blood shed or 30 Lakh plus, finally Bangladesh found it's own victory on 16th december 1971

  7. Khushir Rodey

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    Track About:Bangabandhu In his speech on January 10, 1972, Bangabandhu said, "Bangladesh would be an ideal state and its foundation would not be based on any religion. Its main pillars would be democracy, nationalism, socialism and secularism." Bangabandhu gave definition to secularism as saying: "Jar Jar Dharma Tar Tar" (religion of an individual is for his or her exclusively).

  8. Badol Diner Gaan

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    Track about: At present times,we are a free nation, singing in sun and rain with the breathing of a free nation.

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