“I am not afraid of you” – Iron Man(2018)

“I am not afraid of you” – Iron Man. The brand new Guitar Instrumental single has been released by Sazzad

Operation AngryMachine (2016)

Guitar instrumental Debut The first Guitar Instrumental album from Bangladesh holding the concept story of liberation war of 1971. Bass

Onibarjo By De-illumination(2010)

Onibarjo is the first concept album in Bangladesh bearing the genre Symphonic Rock/Metal with a regional soul. Awards: DE-ILLUMINATION WAS

Shuvo’s Rockers Inc. (Produced by Sazzad Arefeen-2007)

Sazzad Arefeen’s First album as a music producer, Shuvo’s album was a quit different solo and a rock album,music were

Moharaj by Warfaze(2003)

Line up: Vocals: Balam Guitars: Kamal , Sazzad Arefeen Keyboards: Shams Bass: Cezanne Drums :Tipu Track List: 1. Bangalira Ar Koto


2014. Bijoyer Opekkhay : De-illumination single release 2014. Badol Diner Gan: Guitarism Uno (Compilation) 2012.Baishakh:De-illumination (4 disk Compilation album) 009.Hamaguri:De-illumination(Compilation)