• Born Jan 29th 1980
  • Started Guitar in 1994 while in school at grade 7
  • Formed the band Metal Maze 1995
  • Won BEST GUITARIST OF BANGLADESH award in 2001,BENSON N HEDGES star search competition,Bangladesh.
  • Joined Warfaze 2001
  • Started SazZad’s Guitar Guidance in 2001
  • []
  • Formed the band De-illumination in 2006.
  • Started working as A sound engineer as well from 2008
  • Joined ABC Radio Bangladesh as Contributor producer and host of GUITAR NEVER LIES from 2010
  • 7th CityCell Channel i Music awards: BEST BAND(by critic) and BEST SOUND ENGINEER(by popular choice) for De-illumination’s ONIBARJO in 2011
  • Selected as the official artist of Blackstar Amplification first time ever from Bangladesh in January 2016.
  • Selected as official artist of Schecter Guitars first time ever from Bangladesh in August 2017.

Biography at Blackstar Amplification

Biography at Schecter Guitars



Nightwish,Kamelot,Judas Priest,Iron Maiden,Manowar,Testament,Symphony-X,Deep purple,Joe Satriani,Dokken,Heart,Marty friedman,Angra,Pantera,Black Sabbath,Savatage,Overkill,Queensryche,Dio,Van Halen, Metallica,Circus Maximus,Firewind,Epica

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